Juicy Reads: Solving Single – How to Get the Ring, Not the Run Around

Another week, another Juicy Read

Now last week we had to get down to some serious business regarding the Autobiography of Malcolm X, but this week I wanted to get back on the subject of Baeless For The Holidays. Many of you listened and related to that internal struggle that takes place when you have no bae to share with the world when everybody else has #RelationshipGoals photos to post during  the Holiday’s.  Though instead of being bitter and spiteful by reporting those photos as nudity on Facebook (*sideeye)! GET BETTER and tackle what you’re most likely doing wrong in both acquiring and maintaining your relationships by getting to know the relationship expert himself, Mr. G.L. Lambert!


At this point I’m sure we all can google “how to get a man” and 383439477474 results would pop up. Though instead of waiting for a magical day to appear to ‘get” a man. The leader of the #BGAE society, Mr. Lambert, would advise that’s your number 1 problem, because Spartans don’t just “get” men, we attract and KEEP men. This is because first and foremost we decide early on the type of women we want to be, and he breaks it down to three simple choices.



3. Basic

Now don’t get ahead of yourself and stop at the first type of women you see on the above list just because your body count is low, you have a degree on the wall, and you keep a good relationship with God because being a lady is  about being a SPARTAN! Which means we have insecurities in check (aka we know what they are and are dealing with them accordingly ), we’re confident, we know that we have dreams and passions and want  a man in which we can build with, but were secure enough in our power as WOMEN that our need for intimacy doesn’t overtake our passion to fulfill our dreams to be great!

I soooo wanna give a major spoiler alert and explain how this man breaks down the “Cinderella Effect”  because it is just so freaking genius I don’t understand how I wasn’t able to come up with it, but because I want you to buy this book and be apart of the #bgae conversation i’ll stay quiet!



It’s life changing. It’s fun. and most importantly it’s honest!

Pick up your copy HERE,


Until next time loves stay #juicedup and know pretty girls READ!!

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