Here we are, just strolling in on the holiday for the “lovers”, and here I am thinking about all the candy that will be on sale the day after. Yup it’s Valentine’s Day.


Yeah I know, gross. Maybe I’m bitter, maybe I’m lonely whatever you want to call it BUT at least I don’t have a f*ckboy calling me on the 15th saying he misses me. Anyway I will get off that, this post is about ME and all those single independent women Destiny’s Child and Webbie were talking about. Yes you beautiful, single, out here doing your thing women.

destnys child


Honestly let’s not be bitter ladies, being young, beautiful and single is an amazing thing and love starts with you. If you’ve read the f*ckboy series and f*ckgirlisms then I know you have an idea of what you want and what you don’t want from the slim pickings out here of men.


  • I don’t have the time or energy to deal with guys who play games #toobusy
  • Playing games is boring when you already won #boom
  • self love is the best love, learning to love oneself is important, dealing with the wrong person at the right time can f*ck sh*t up!
  • I ain’t got no type, f*ck boys is the only thing I DON’T like
  • I have way too much to do #booked
  • Situationships are a waste of time, and emotions, but usually results in great sex
  • I’m tired of being Yvette, Jodie can go head

I mean who wants the perfect love story anyway? Better get like Tamia and have a threesome with me, myself and I, and love yourself more. If your bestie is baeless like you this “holiday”, take each other out, send yourself flowers and buy some candy. Enjoy a night in Marvin’s Room and free yourself of the disappointment like Fantasia.



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