The Spill: Beyonce new video “Formation” #comegetinformation

 “I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros”.

yassss Bey yassss…educate !



As a long time love and some times not impressed supporter of Beyonce’s solo career. We all know that she has  played it safe and was a shell of the lip-smacking, grape eating Beyonce that was quick to shade a Destinty Child member if they got out of line.


If you don’t know “DC” Bey then i suggest you look her up because she would get those girls together sooooo fast!

*watch here*



But if you listened to our year-end podcast than you know my long time feelings toward the “Beyonce” brand is that as a solo artist Beyonce will no doubt go down as one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Though as an icon ehhhhhhhhhh I just don’t see it.


Now when it comes to Destiny’s Child as a group they  are without a doubt iconic.  They were going through band-mates like survivor, and in true Boss B*** fashion, they took that joke and turned it into one of their signature and CLASSIC hits. I meannnnnn when  Papa Knowles was running that ship he knew what he was doing. Though the lack of (i don’t know) Beyonce ability or even consideration to do that same feat with some of her most notable challenges in the media such as  the now public news of her father’s affair and love child, the alleged and proven cases of her team stealing artist images and visuals, and not to mention this ‘perfect’ image she has in the past tried so hard to maintain.



That just inevitably makes it  hard to put her into the arena with the likes of our beloved Michael, Whitney, and Mariah who would sing classic songs, answer the hard questions when confronted with controversy, and would come back and do it all again in an effort to not only entertain but most importantly  influence .

I used to get that from Destiny Child Bey, but not so much from Sasha Fierce…..


Though this recent release of Beyonce’s “FORMATION” has got me rethinking that iconic question just a little. I mean the way she uses her very wide-reaching platform to address an appreciation of  natural hair, African-descended noses , and not to mention a PSA to the world that BLACK LIVES MATTER just has me wanting to say yassss BEYYYYYYY REVOLUTIONIZE and EDUCATE!!!!!


Is it just me or does this have you rooting and cheering for Beyonce taking a stand  in black appreciation?

Blame it on the Solange right hook or the continued human-rights violations of black peoples in America, but I’m glad to see Beyonce using her platform in a way that extends beyond selling House of Dereon garments ( No shade).


If you still haven’t caught her new video what are you waiting for?


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