The Spill: Rihanna ANTI

The wait is over, Rihanna dropped her 8th album ANTI and it apparently made history in under 15 hours of it dropping. According to Tidal, the album streamed 1.4 million since being released on Tidal, just a day after her single “Work” dropped with Drake. With that being said Rihanna went platinum in less than a day, thanks to The Navy.

Now onto The Spill, where Shalonda gives her review on the album along with her top 5 songs, and why.

Kiss it Better:

We here at Friday Juice are calling it now, this is going to be Rihanna’s second single. It’s catchy and sassy like Rihanna and we’re just wondering¬†what are you willing to do….


This is Rihanna’s first single featuring Drake, and the Caribbean feel gets you moving, and ready to turn up like Rihanna and her girls do on Snap Chat.


Although one of the shorter songs on the album I know we’ve all been there. Being intoxicated and wanting the f*ckboy to come over after you cursed him out.

Yeah, I Said It:

“I want you to homicide it… up against the wall we don’t need a title…!!!!” Yes Rih, this is definitely a f*ckgirl anthem, Rih depicts a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it and this song definitely highlights that.

Needed Me:

Another f*ckgirl anthem, “you was just another n*gga on the hit list, no one ever told you I was a savage?” Yo Rih definitely speaking to all those heartbroken women out there beefing themselves up realizing ol dude needed them more than she needed him.

All in all I think ANTI is a solid body of work…BUT it definitely is a build up album. I had to listen to it several times before I was able to vibe to it. I do love that this album sounds like Rihanna, her personality is all over this and I appreciate all the new f*ckgirl anthems. So I say it’s definitely worth the download. Go buy it from iTunes.

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