The Spill- Jacquees “Mood”


I’m not a HUGE fan of male R&b singers. I meannnn I love the greats such as R. Kelly, Avant, Usher, Jahiem, and all the countless others who could fill up this post . Though there’s  often something so  fraudulent about other male R&B artists and their gelled down baby hairs, lick-lipping, and oily naked chests that just disgusts me.


I mean ewww I just never liked my r&b men like that. Is it just me?


Though none of that applies to MY Jacquees!  I mean, just listen to Persian Rugs and tell me this doesn’t just get you in the Mood.

Speaking of MOOD?

Valentines Day is around the corner and with this powerful understanding Jacquees has dropped his mixtape entitled Mood and it’s just  sooooooo GOOD!!!  I wish I could break it down and give you my full dissertation on just why I love this man, i mean mixtape but because I know theres just not enough space in this post for all that. I’m going to as always give you my top FIVE (sorry I can’t do just three) tracks and trust me on this you need to download MOOD NOW!!!

*warning Baby says RICH GANG on ALL tracks but the good news is  after a while you can ignore it*

5.  B.E.D–  This song with this Avant sample is just EVERYTHING!!  It would of been a little higher on the list had it not been out for months before this mixtape dropped but for all you newbies I’m confident you’ll love it.

4.  Set It Off – I love Dej but NO! Their voices didn’t vibe AT ALL, but i love the beat and the beginning with just Jacquees! 🙁 Still a great listen, just fast forward Dej part!

3. Come Thru– OMG this sample track is very NASTY and  I LOVE IT! It will have you looking at your favorite corner-store candy thinking of nothing but nasty thoughts, but I would be a complete liar if I said that I don’t sing this song at the VERY tippy-top of my lungs whenever I hear it.

2. Panties– Nasty, Nasty, Nasty, Nasty!! Not safe for work! Don’t let your mama catch you listen to this! Did I mention it’s nasty? *HIDESFACE

1. New Wave – Where do I begin with this song? I have listened to this song right here  over 30 times no exaggeration! I could go on and on but I’ll let his silky voice do the talking….

If not, then what are you waiting for!

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