NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick Review

So ladies and gent were back at it with a lippie review of NYX Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks. These lippies retail for $7.00 and boast two things…

  1. Weightless application
  2. Plum Matte finish

In my quest to first test out if NYX fulfills the two-promises boasted on the site. It’s imperative we don’t skip the business of …

Shipping and Handling

First and foremost nothing makes me madder than….

1. A company getting my money in an instant


2. Me NOT getting my product in the same fashion.

Though because I am a frequent shopper of NYX cosmetics. I was aware that it may be a delay. But DAMN! I didn’t know it would take 10 business days!! Although all troubles were put aside when my NYX lace baggie arrived holding my new babies.



Color Selection

The colors I ultimately purchased from the 12 that are available in the collection are

A.  Push-UP

B. Embellishment

C. Exotic

D.  Honeymoon

The lip lingerie color selection is not that expansive whereas they’ve  kept the color options really neutral and warm, but within the 12 provided  I’m confident everybody can find one that they love. I ultimately chose my colors based off what I believed would look best on my skin tone and  overall i’m happy with the colors I received.






The great thing about the formula of these lipsticks is that they glide on super smooth and are very light-weight. The total “matte” time for these lipsticks is about  five minutes and then they give off a nice plump matte feel

but wait….

One major issue with these lipsticks is that after  eating and drinking the lipsticks begin to rub off and residue clumps began to build up on the side of your mouth. Which causes you to not only reapply, but additionally your constantly wiping at your mouth to get rid of the “yuck” (aka residue). One way that I found essential in combating this issue is making sure your lips are super MOISTURIZED and if you have ever done a “lip scrub” then I suggest you do one before initial application.


The lipsticks do have lasting power but  in coming in contact with food and drink, just know you  may  need to re-apply .


The lipsticks are a good find and  do what they purport to . If I had to rate them on a scale of 1-10. I would definitely give them a  8! 🙂

*psssst we have the NYX Ombre Lip Duo Review posted, be sure to check it out*

Though until we give NYX cosmetics another go a-round, if you purchased the lipsticks we want to hear your thoughts! So feel  free to shoot us an email or comment,  but as always keep it cute and stay tuned for more beauty reviews!


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