F*ckboy Series Part III: In Love with a F*ckboy


At this point you should all know 1) how to identify a f*ckboy, 2)what f*ckboys do and even someways to be a f*ckgirl and just do you. I know some of you are still giving your f*ckboy chance after chance and you know… we get it, BUT you have to realize he’s not going to change!

kim k so many fuckboys

So here we are at the last of the 3 part series highlighting the f*ckboy epidemic and it is NOW time for us to talk about why the f*ckboy is so prominent in the community. Why we keep them around.

Reasons why you keep giving the f*ckboy Chances

-good d*ck

– you’re comfortable with his f*ckboy ways and don’t wanna deal with a new one

– hoping for a change

-he has your nudes 

-he met your family

-you love him *we all been Yvette*

-if you have a child with him… well we all know why your still dealing with him

-he got $$$ (he’s a scammer)

-he seems educated (Criminal Justice major at your local community college)

-he has a nice body

-who else are you going to argue with because he’s the only one who will entertain you


Let’s face it we all have a reason to deal with a f*boy but let’s not forget

two can play the game


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