Body Goals: Social Media Influence

When it’s still the beginning of the New Year and you haven’t started working on your Summertime Fine body!!! Let’s be real guys winter=inside and it’s difficult to get out and get right.

While scrolling through our social media timelines, let’s just say we see lots of inspiration to get it right get it tight from some of our favorite influencers. Many people are beginning to focus more on their health and fitness and these people listed below have definitely been recognized for their transformations.

Serving major BODY GOALS

delicia decordon

Delicia Decordon has brought us, her followers that is on a fitness journey with her for sometime now and she has us feeling motivated! She even has a fitness page and athletic wear collection of cute fitness wear.

angela simmons

Next we have to confess…we have a crush on Angela Simmons and her gains from her consistent workout regimens. Angela makes us want to be spontaneous in the gym with the spectrum of workouts she does. SO INFLUENTIAL.

summer time fine

Transformation Goals 

Some of us need more of a push, been making the same resolution every year to change our ways and become healthier people. It’s difficult when all you see are people who are already fit working out. BUT when you see some of your faves transform before your eyes, it is all the more motivation. These next few have completely transformed themselves body wise and EVERYONE is taking note.

anita marshall

This next beauty is Anita Marshall, plus size model from Boston and she is BEAUTIFUL. She was beautiful before the weightloss, and still is afterward. She talks about her active journey very openly via Instagram where I have been following her for at least 2 years. If you need motivation definitely follow her as she continues her journey of health and wellness.

ej johnson

Next we have the ever so fabulous EJ JohnsonThis fly guy has been impressing us with his style for years, but his courage to gain control of his health is note worthy. He has transformed right before our eyes and is slaying in these streets.

 tredayNext we have Tre from the Bay, a talented MUA who has showed her dedication to lifestyle change via social media including her Instagram and Youtube Channel. Tre has included her followers and subscribers on her journey that has not only motivated us to make a change but also to be consistent and persistent.

body peace

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