Conversations With a Drug Addict: Purple Reign

When it’s 1:30am and the mash up of lime-a-ritas, some sort of vodka , and whatever else was in the strangely good red punch,hit me hard. I only want Future.  Actually I need Future,  something about his low drawl over a Metro Boomin beat just does something to me that no other artist can replicate.

*BTW pleaaaaaaase drink responsibly people, sometimes I do stuff I’m not proud but i’m still learning*


Though when I muse on my intoxicated state and my need for Future. I understand the  temporary connection. I’m having a conversation with a drug addict.


Although he actually does a bevy of illegal drugs mixed in with the irresponsible use of prescription drugs swallowed down with liquor (usually Henny). While I’m just irresponsibly drinking large quantities of alcohol ( because there’s a difference…right?). Future is speaking to the dependent side of my psychic that just wants to feel good. Who wants to forget about the week that was before, the bills that are pass due, and the realities that will hit me hard when I wake up.

If I had one word to describe how I feel when me and Future meet like this it would be….



So when partaking in Purple Reign know this is drug feign music. That’s why I can’t be apart of the #FUTUREHIVE to long, because my dependency on drugs and alcohol isn’t high enough to hang with them. Though because I needed to conduct this review (no judgement people) I grabbed my cheap liquor got bent and these are the tracks and Future Wisdom that stuck with me well beyond the liquor exiting my body.

  1. Hater Shit “They tried to count me out, nigga I’m stayin lit”   
  2. All Right I can hear the hood and they say proud of me”
  3. Never Forget I had to take a loss so I could cherish the shit

Have you listened Purple Reign? Let us know what you thought, and though I love my time with Future I wish we would stop meeting under these conditions, because  I don’t care what Future says, kids PLEASE stay away from drugs and dirty sprite.Get high off success, your LEGAL  hustle towards your dreams, and LIFE, because not to get too serious BUT alcohol and drugs really do ruin lives.

 So be safe  and have conversations with Future responsibly.

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