Juicy Reads: Be You & Live Civil

Ms. Civil you started something and  I’m going to need you to finish!

Karen Civil is a pioneer. PERIOD. Having first been an admirer from the gate on the far far far outside ,in the sense of not clearly understanding what her actual profession was. I  made it a point to educate myself, and since then have  become  a secret admirer to just how this woman trail-blazes through hip-hop. While   cultivating a blue print that media and entertainment enthusiast alike can look towards as a glimpse of  hope that “it” (whatever your passion) WILL HAPPEN! So you can only imagine my surprise when I recognized Amazon had dropped off my  copy of Be You & Live Civil: Tools For Unlocking your Potential & Living Your Purpose and I finally held it in my hands.


 70 pages? Including the extra blank pages that come in the beginning and end of the book?

I was HOT!

How could she share her “personal journey through life [and] how she was able to unlock her potential” in a span of 50 readable and double-spaced pages.  How Ms. Civil…..


Though in a sea of confusion and tears I began to read.


I finished the “book” in twenty minutes, and from the little we get it’s GOOD!


It’s well written and inspiring but I left with too many questions unanswered. She travels from becoming an intern, losing a great friend, to becoming employed with dip-set, to losing employment, a tempted suicide, and a pill addiction? As you can see from those few questions I shared, this woman has endured a lot. Though we don’t know to what extents because we don’t get much background, and most importantly any real deep sentiment that goes beneath the surface of her life  to help us to really know just what Ms. Civil has overcome and went through.


On a positive note, because I definitely garnered some take-aways

I love the positivity radiating from the text, and the sense of peace Ms. Civil has in honoring the order of her steps towards her continual destiny. Throughout the lost of her many love ones, we are given an example that life is too short and time too uncertain to not get to work on our goals and dreams. Ms. Civil makes it very clear that with hard-work and the acceptance of one’s  “core self” you can build the life you truly want. Though I’m still honestly unsure how she built hers.



I’m so inspired but frustrated Ms. Civil. You gave me an inch when I know your life is a span of millions of miles. I want to understand (to the best extents possible) ALL of Karen. Not just the triumphs with the troubles mentioned as a foot note. I wanted to feel like civil, I wanted to break down with you when that SOB used you and left you’re heart out there seeking comforts  in death, I need to understand how, when, and what lead you to a pill addiction. Overall I just want to learn about the woman who is  a positive affirmation in my life that dreams can come true (especially when you work at them).

I don’t care what it takes but I need more of Karen before I can truly live Civil!

This read is a great excerpt to the Karen Civil story we deserve!

*may we all pray for a revised and extended edition*

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