Top Funny People on Social Media

They say laughter is the best medication and these individuals surely serve us up a good dose EVERYDAY. Shalonda is bringing you a list of the Top Funny People on Social Media.

Since the popularity of Vine we have been introduced to funny people who could create skits, content and just real life funny scenarios that make us laugh, and sometimes acknowledge crazy relatable behaviors and attitudes.


Instagram:dcyoungfly Vine: dcyoungfly Snapchat: Fly2Funny
Vine: dcyoungfly
Snapchat: Fly2Funny

First we have DC Young Fly from Atlanta. He’s a rapper, actor, comedian, who was introduced to us via Vine and Instagram. He also has a Youtube Channel where he hosts roasting sessions. Known as Mr. #fawwwkumean, he has begun to blossom his career as an actor and comedian, being made a cast member on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out.





Instagram: Thatgirljay Vine: JayCole Twitter: Jaefromvine
Instagram: Thatgirljay
Vine: JayCole
Twitter: Jaefromvine



Next We have Jay Cole from Washington, D.C. She was originally introduced to us by Vine, where she uploaded consistent hilarious content. From videos with her family and friends, to relationship funny skits and hair. She is an aspiring actress, and has been featured on hit television show Awkward, and also in a skit on one of D.C. rapper Wale’s songs.





Instagram:blameitonkway Twitter: blameitonkway
Instagram: blameitonkway
Twitter: blameitonkway


This next one’s personality is “not the one” to mess with okay. It’s Kway, better known as Titi from Instagram. The Houston aspiring actor is FUNNY okay. I’m sure you’ve come across his skits with Titi’s best friend Kendra on Facebook and Instagram and have died laughing. From the looks of his Instagram following he may be up NEXT. He speaks of Martin, Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry being some inspiring comedian actors via his Instagram.



Instagram: Jstlivinbby Snapchat: Jstlivinbbyy Twitter: Jstlivinbby
Instagram: Jstlivinbby
Snapchat: Jstlivinbbyy
Twitter: Jstlivinbby




This funny girl by the name of Amber from Los Angeles is hilarious and she will make your ni**a into our ni**a. This outspoken, witty young woman holds an abundance of confidence and she doesn’t play about her coin or her bundles. Introduced to us by Instagram she has been making us laugh since 2014.






Instagram: Billionairemh Snapchat: Billionairemh Youtube: Billionairemh
Instagram: _Billionairemh
Snapchat: Billionairemh
Youtube: Billionairemh



This guy Charles Gardiner will get you in the #shmood with his alter ego Cinnamon, who has a crazy mouth. This New York bred knows how to identify with the New York woman and the New York State of Mind. He may be most known for his Everest College Parody that had countless people across social media platforms #crying.




Instagram: versatileinstyle Vine: Kc Clark
Vine: Kc Clark

Lastly we have K.C. Clark of Detroit better known as his online character Keke. KC started as one of the original Vine funny people, along with Jay Cole. He then began to develop his character as Keke on Instagram once they developed the 15 second video option. KC is an aspiring actor who recently moved to LA to pursue his dream. You can spot him in some of Ming Lee’s Snob Life online commercials as well as his own skits. He is also a very talented dancer, he showcasing much of his talents via his Instgram account.

Now I know there are many other funny people on the Internet these days, but these people earned their following, being consistently funny and original. If you have anymore tag #fridayjuice on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and show us who’s giving you your dose of laughs today!

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