#fact: Stop Trying To Have A Seat At The Single Mothers Table

10,000 dollar fur for Nori, I just copped it

Your baby daddy won’t even take your daughter shopping


 Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy please don’t give these ladies no more lines to think they can relate to. I mean, i’m pretty sure we all know, possibly are  a product of, or maybe even laying next to (i’m not judging) a dead-beat father. Though to be fair I also know and bare witness to fathers who bust they ass to make sure that their children have not only food to eat but a FATHER who they can lean on. So ladies…



It’s a beautiful round table filled with the stories of all deadbeats past , but whats important about these seated women is that they example the strength and resilience that comes with having to not only hold down a house and  a job, but to really raise a family ALONE. These women are literally amazing, but the authenticity of their struggle resonates within the authenticity of their situation.

He left.


These women didn’t ask for this, and when they pray to God for the strength to uplift not only themselves but their children to new heights. It’s in an effort to fill the void left by the man who planted the seed, but left before it was time to harvest.

Single mothers are not to be played with, and they’re women who young adults like myself hold dear.

Though YOU my dear are an IMPOSTER!


You know full and well your baby-father is not a deadbeat.  He may not come when you WANT  him to but he’s there when you NEED him to be . He may not afford the materialistic possessions you rightfully WANT to bestow to your child but he contributes when the child NEEDS things. He also may not follow your  every lead on all situations but you know the destinations you and him look towards for your child is the SAME (ie. safety,education, health, etc).



Stop singing Fantasia Baby Mama turned up high when your Baby daddy comes every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to get the kids..like CLOCK-WORK.


Stop making him feel like he’s like “all the rest” when you can’t honestly pin point a situation your baby father has acted like “all the rest”

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and finally just know being a single mother isn’t a right of passage. It a messed up  situation where-as women have emotional, financial, and physical scars that remain long after the children are raised and the bills are paid.

J 802-31 tears Ann Marie Young, 25, cries as she grapples with depression brought on by a gunshot wound during a robbery that left her a paraplegic, unable to care for herself or her two young children. After Young tried to commit suicide three times and her mother could no longer meet her serious medical needs, she was moved to the Golden Age Home in Kingston, Jamaica, surrounded by residents who are decades older than her. The children now live with relatives. Food For The Poor staff photo by Benjamin Rusnak

This table is reserved.

Though  ultimately  you should be thankful your children can sit at the co-parenting table, because this table is toooo full with children uncomfortably seated with  bleeding wounds.

Wounds that mothers didn’t cause but are left to heal. Wounds that can’t always be healed by mothers.

Somethings truly are meant for fathers even in their absence.

Is your unauthentic single-mother badge worth your child’s deformity?


(I didn’t think so)

So please, please, please be blessed you have the option to co-parent.


To all my single-mothers out there, I pray God continues to give you those precious  few moments to sit down and discuss with your fellow sister just how you made it through today although tomorrow looks to be on its way!

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