So What’s The Fuss Over A Salad And Some Surgery?

So your favorite Plus-Size blogger is losing weight and you’re mad?


I feel as though I have to get a couple things off my chest. I can’t tell you how TIRED I am of the uninspired and stagnant blogger hating on another for wanting to adapt better lifestyle practices which happens to include weight loss.


You’re probably wondering where all of this is coming from right? Well I was on Instagram the other night, and regretfully one of my former-favorite bloggers who was always hip to the latest fashion and make-up trends was LITERALLY bashing and essentially taunting plus-size bloggers for losing weight.

Like girl, REALLY? How old are we? How grown are WEEEEEE?


I guess the argument  for some is , I thought fat was in? So why are you losing weight? See ,I always knew you weren’t happy being fat!


Who and what blogs were YOU reading?

One of the clear take-away’s from most if not all “plus-size” blogs (if were segmenting) is about gaining confidence, beauty, and knowing that you too deserve a place in this world. Blogs in general are about inspiring women, men,  and transgenders that you too can get dressed, throw on some lipstick, comb your hair, and experience LIFE! Life doesn’t stop at a clothing size!


So why does it bother you that you’re fave’s clothing size just might be decreasing?

Like most blogs, these plus-size bloggers are sharing their life, and inspiring a part of society not celebrated to get up and make your mark! Join the trends, and know that sweat-suits aren’t life. Never have I saw, and trust and believe I’ve been a fan of  plus-size bloggers  for a while, these bloggers promote obesity and tell girls to stack on the pounds until your filling out a 2x or 3x dress.


Instead the focus has been on fulfillment and life, and I’d argue that as more eyes watched, commented, and liked. Our favorite bloggers said, “Hey, now that I’ve experienced life this way, why not now address bad eating habits and a lackluster exercise regiment to experience life another way. Oh, and maybe I should  share it with the thousands who have thus experienced  life with me, and are probably ready to tackle their own unhealthy habits.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all plus-size bloggers are un-healthy. Some naturally just have fuller thighs and hips, and I don’t want to join the ignorant few who believes one size or weight is for all. Though in the same token removing  the segmented nature of the word”plus-size”, BLOGGERS naturally want to promote their readers to be their fuller selves and take them on a journey as they personally mature and grow as more enlightened beings!


And I say all of THAT to say……



I mean because isn’t that what we aim to do when you set a goal and then reach a goal?  Don’t we then  identify areas and opportunities to better our self through other goals? This  new level of self-realization doesn’t and WON’T  erase prior goals and their resulting impact towards empowering  others. Instead, it makes us human beings who want to cultivate a journey that’s New-York Times best selling biography worthy .

We over here at Friday Juice love and salute all BLOGGERS who have the  bravery to show beauty doesn’t have a size (whether it be big or small), but it’s also never an excuse to hide behind bad health!

Get into our top 3 BLOGGERS who are tackling their health, and looking amazing while doing it below.

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