Shoeicide: The Faux Fur Sandal

Think Dynasty! Think Clueless! Think #RICHHOUSEWIFELIFE Think #Fridayjuice.

Whatever the case just know that the Faux Fur Sandal is whats in! We are long past the days of these sandals only being apart of our princess kit. Now they are in our every-day wear and it may be worth a scroll to get into some ways to wear these furry yet chic creations!

First you can keep it cute like Janae Monae and inPINK!

janae monae

Or keep it Simply inStyle



You may just be all  the RAGE and wanna Keep it inColor


Or then again, just make sure you keep it all YU

My top picks if you want to dipple and dabble in a Faux Fur toe…

  1. Wang #ifonlyihadarichsugardaddy ;(alexander-wang-fur-sandal-_-glitterandpearls.com_
  2. Campbell #meetcookie 🙂  Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Cookie-(Rust-Suede-Combo)-010606
  3. #BudgetFriendly When all else fails head over to your local Rainbow, Forever21, or where-ever else budget friendly sandals are found, grab some like-minded friends, and a glue-gun and watch this DIY! (thank me later)

As always don’t forget who put you on first!

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