The Spill: Keisha vs. Kashdoll

 Kash Doll is a boss, her lyrics, lifestyle and personality will make anybody want to get to know her. Originally from Detroit where she was a dancer,  she has come a long way and transitioning to a promising career as a rapper.

She’s flossy and bossy, along with flashy but her heart is golden. Initially only following her on Instagram and then SnapChat, I grew very fond of her, her personality and her flashy, flossy ways. It’s like I can live vicariously through her Instagram and Snaps. When I started following her when she was still stripping just before she quit to take her rap career to the next level. After hearing “Run Me My Money,” it was then I became a fan.


When you play Keisha Vs. Kashdoll you will definitely feel like #thatgirl, with Options, and won’t like Cheap Sh*t  , and let people know you’re not just Anybody!

Per usual here is a list of my top tracks on the mixtape

1. Run Me My Money

2. Pay Me

3. Options

4. Anybody

5. Better Without Ya

6. Out of Line

7. Out of Line


Listen to her music here

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