F*ckboy Series: Part II #thingsf*ckboysdo

Now I’m sure you’ve all read Part I because why would you read Part II first? Anyways by now you should know the ingredients that make up the useless f*ckboy right? Well we all know actions speak louder than words, and boy…and I do mean “boy” do these guys really act out. Some maybe deserve Oscars for their performances that they put on.

fuckboys be goneHere are a few ways to know you’re dealing with a f*ckboy in 2016:

  1. He asks you to borrow your car and your best friend sees him with another girl in the passenger seat #thingsf*ckboysdo
  2. Said he was going to bed, when in reality he’s with another chick #thingsf*ckboysdo
  3. Asks you to cash his check because his grown a$$ doesn’t have a bank account, when he’s actually a scammer #thingsfxckboysdo
  4. You and him go shopping and he doesn’t carry the bags #thingsf*ckboysdo
  5. You and him just got busy and he asks “what you about to do” #thingsf*ckboysdo
  6. Invites you to a family function and he introduces you as the homie  #thingsf*ckboysdo
  7. A girl comments and likes all his social media accounts and shows up in his call log, but he said she’s the homie #thingsf*ckboysdo
  8. He breaks up with you right before Valentine’s Day then hits you on the 15th like, “I missed you” #thingsf*ckboysdo
  9. His hotline is blinging but he won’t answer his phone when he’s with you or he refers to you as his friend #thingsf*ckboysdo
  10. You have a disagreement and you find out he’s dealing with his ex and he tells you that your relationship wasn’t exclusive #thingsf*ckboysdo
  11. You post a picture of both of you online and he texts you to take it down #thingsf*ckboysdo
  12. Asks you to send him nudes, you break up and your goods are all down your timeline #thingsf*ckboysdo

Make #thingsf*ckboysdo trending and let us know what you think f*ckboys do to make them oh so irresistable and tag #fridayjuice

PART III coming soon


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