Juicy Style Alert: Anthony Lamourr

He’s denoted  himself as a “behind the scenes type of guy” but Mr. Lattimore Lamourr your time designing for Lil Kim, working at the head of Versailles Brooklyn, as well rolling out your debut  #lamourr line is  telling us you’re ready to headline the scene!


One of the things that attracts me to #Lamourr is his versatility in terms  of not only his personal style but his ability to wear both the designer and stylist hat with ease. You just  never know when your favorite celeb is rocking #customlamourr. No matter the gender, profession, or  personal style this man can curate a garment that is faithful to his craft and essential to his clients needs.

DJ Self, Lil Kim, French Montana
DJ Self, Lil Kim, French Montana

Though through the years of designing behind the curtain his patience and persistence has developed the soon to come launch of his first collection appropriately entitled #LAMOURR that will showcase just why everything’s better when it’s #custom

First Glimpse of his Upcoming Collection
First Glimpse Of his Upcoming Collection
First Glimpse Of his Upcoming Collection











I could go on and on but I’d rather let his Instagram do the talk!



Oh and did I mention he does bags?


This man is definitely up next and if you wanna look like #Lamourr before the price gets to high make sure you email him at looklikelamourr@gmail.com


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