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Tory Lanez: Chixtape 4 & New Toronto II

Tory Lanez dropped two mixtapes over the weekend Chixtape 4 and New Toronto 2, and he definitely has everyone chatting. I had the chance to see Tory at his I Told You concert and his energy is amazing. I wasn’t  a huge fan before the concert but I’m slowly liking his vibe more and more. These mixapes Read More …

Episode 16:A Weary Welcome Back

Kanye we feel you. Greatness requires communication, and when it appears nobody listening or grasping what you’re trying to throwing down…Sometimes it best to sit it out and figure out how it all just go so bad. A sentiment we over here at Friday Juice been dealing with between the scary orange president-elect, lost friendships, Read More …

The Spill: A Boogie

We are well over due for a new music artist to rave about. Although, this week Kori is sure not to disappoint as she highlight what could be New York Rap’s musical savoir. So head on inside and let Kori give you the spill on A Boogie.

Juicy Reads: 32 Candles

When it doubt, pick up a book that can redefine the girl meets boy saga! That’s why this week’s juicy read is a look at Ernessa T.Carter’s, 32 candels which is sure to make you laugh, cry, and remember that everything is love and war when it comes to getting the boy of your dreams!

Conversations with a Show

If you ever felt like you were struggling to get to where you wanted to be in life, #gottakeeppushing. At least that’s the juice we got while interviewing Hot 99.1’s very own DJ Show. This guy if anything is highly motivated and driven to not only make a living but also actively making his dreams Read More …

Popularity Contest…who wins?

Being a teenager can be difficult, with changing bodies, bullying and defying popularity you would think once you enter adulthood the worst is over. WRONG the popularity contest continues. But who really wins? Read as Shalonda chats about self love, popularity and bullying in adulthood.

Personal Hygiene: Shalonda’s Top Picks

Instead of the monthly gem post I thought it would be great to share my favorite personal hygiene products! Being clean and smelling good is something that is not only attractive but makes you feel good. With so many different products on the market it is difficult for women to figure out what works best Read More …

Juicy Read: 101:The Blueprint For a Swank Life

How many of us have seen the “black girl with the blue hair”, and wondered how she lives the life she does? Well look no further, because if you didn’t know THE Olori Swank released a blueprint that sure to spill all her secrets, Head on inside and let Kori break down why you just might need to add this to your summer reading list.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Review

Warmer weather calls for more conscious foundation. Are you in need of something light weight that gives off a smooth skin feel and dewy finish? Well look no further, head on inside and let Kori give you the spill on this dynamic foundation that is now accessible to a broad spectrum of individuals.

Spring Gems

Shalonda is back with some new gems! The ultimate product junkie who just can’t get enough. If you enjoyed her past monthly gems click here and check out her Spring time picks!

Free Juice: Cocktails with Claire NYC

Although we didn’t do any sipping we got a lot of juice while attending Cocktails with Claire. I know many of you have heard of Fashion Bomb Daily, the online magazine founded by Claire Sulmers who keeps us in the know regarding fashion and style trends. Alhough for those of you who don’t know, The Read More …

Stalking & Snapchat

Spring is here, which means Summer flings will soon follow suit and Kori is giving a #lovelondon talk on the thirst in watching too many of his snapchat stories.Disagree well head on inside and drop your opinion.

All Summer 16

Need some ideas of things to get into this Spring Summer? Well Shalonda has some brainstorming tips for you! Enjoy the Spring and Summer seasons with endless activities that will keep you entertained ALL SUMMER 16!

Rehab: Social Media Connection

Relationships whether friendships or sexual it’s important to keep your private moments to yourself and not let the world see your troubles. Social media is a mask that portrays positivity and hungry but prays on the weak and impressionable. Come chat with Shalonda and see what she has to say about social media rehab!

The Spill: Lil Kim Season

I had previously warned you guys that Lil Kim was up to something. I specifically said, it’s not like her to just start randomly dropping music, and low and behold, 2 weeks after that post went live, Lil Kim let the world know it was #Lilkimsseason. Below I give you a track by track break down of this 10-track mixtape that was released officially on 03/28/2016 .

Body like SILK- Tree Hut Review

Winter is never nice to the skin, but this winter I have fallen in love with body scrubs and body butters. A real special love for Tree Hut’s shea sugar scrubs and body butter have your skin smelling and feeling YUMMY! Check out Shalonda’s Review!

Keeping it Off with Kataba Anderson

Is losing weight a fighting battling with you? Yo-yo dieting? Having trouble keeping the weight off? Well we got a chance to speak with Kataba a buding aspiring entrepenuar and mom. Check out the NEW Juice Chronicles interview!

Respect the Curve

Oh you’re going to respect this curve and every other curve on my body! Yes this Ebony Issue featuring some true boss chicks GabiFresh, Danielle Brooks, Jazmine Sullivan and Chrisette Michele has everyone stopping in their tracks to admire all that body and confidence. Get in Formation with Shalonda as she expresses her gratitude for this cover!

February Gems

It’s March already and it’s time for Shalonda to give you her latest gems for the month. It’s hard to pick just a few when you try new things all the time but new is FUN! So join in and find something new and exciting to try!

Cornrows been #trending

Apparently cornrows…oh excuse me boxer braids… wait yeah I was right CORNROWS are a trending hairstyle? Well I’m here to let you know #cornrowsbeentrending! Cornrows been trending since Alicia Keys wore braids with beads in her A Woman’s Worth days. Since Beyonce was telling the f*ckboys to say her name Since Jahiem was wearing neck Read More …

Capturing The Love with Shaleem Love

If you were inspired by Craig, DJ TGIF’s interview, with Juice Chronicles this one will be just as influential. We at Friday Juice had the opportunity to speak with self taught photographer Shaleem Love. While speaking with Shaleem, who exudes professionalism, and confidence we gained many gems while discussing hobbies, becoming young entrepreneurs, and finding Read More …

January Gems

If you are a product junkie like Shalonda then you are always trying new products. Check out Shalonda’s January gems, that have given her life…for the month that is. Get into these current faves.