Juicy Premiere: Rob & Chyna

September 11, 2016 Kori London 0

The time has arrived that we sit back and judge for ourselves the couple that has had the blogs buzzing all year. Head inside and get the spill on E’s new hit series #RobandChyna.

Juicy Style Alert!(America’s NextTop Model Edition)

September 3, 2016 Kori London 0

Kori might not be an avid viewer of America’s Next Top Model, but it’s newest host has got her taking at second look at some of the AMAZING high fashion she’s been rocking throughout the streets of NYC. So head inside and get the spill on this week’s Juicy Style Alert…

Juicy Reads: Coffee Will Make You Black

September 3, 2016 Kori London 0

Kori might of not been posting, but please believe she was reading! Be sure to head in and check out this classic about a young girl named Stevie whose trying to figure out the true meaning of “trying to make her love come down”.

The Spill: A Boogie

July 24, 2016 Kori London 0

We are well over due for a new music artist to rave about. Although, this week Kori is sure not to disappoint as she highlight what could be New York Rap’s musical savoir. So head on inside and let Kori give you the spill on A Boogie.

Juicy Reads: 32 Candles

July 22, 2016 Kori London 0

When it doubt, pick up a book that can redefine the girl meets boy saga! That’s why this week’s juicy read is a look at Ernessa T.Carter’s, 32 candels which is sure to make you laugh, cry, and remember that everything is love and war when it comes to getting the boy of your dreams!

Juicy Reads:The Mis-Education of the Negro

July 7, 2016 Kori London 0

In the wake of yet another round of police shootings involving unarmed black men. Kori takes a look at Carter G Woodson’s classic text that encourages a new look at education and how it’s been used to oppress and dis-encourage black excellence.

Tips For Landing A Job After Graduating College

June 29, 2016 Kori London 0

With college coming to a bitter sweet end, and the sour taste of student loans looming near. You need to get hired and you’re probably thinking sooner rather than later. So be sure to head on inside and let Kori give you the spill on tips to landing a job after graduating college.

Popularity Contest…who wins?

June 20, 2016 Shalonda 0

Being a teenager can be difficult, with changing bodies, bullying and defying popularity you would think once you enter adulthood the worst is over. WRONG the popularity contest continues. But who really wins? Read as Shalonda chats about self love, popularity and bullying in adulthood.

Ways to Adopt better Spending Habits

June 13, 2016 Shalonda 0

Have bad spending habits? Trying to save for that new car but the Yeezy’s just came out? Want to plan a trip for your birthday but can’t keep $$$ in your account? Well Shalonda has the spill on how to save a coin!

How To Drink A Gallon of Water A Day

June 12, 2016 Kori London 0

It’s summer and this heat and this sun will not only dehydrate our bodies, but deflate the fullness of our skin. Furthermore nothing does a body good other than some good ‘ol H20. So head on inside and let Kori give you the spill on how to drink a gallon a day!

IMAN Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick Review

June 5, 2016 Kori London 0

The day has come to ease up off the matte shades and glide back into the lane of the moisturizing lipsticks and lip glosses. Here to start us off for this summer series is none other than Iman Cosmetics. Who always knows how to keep a girl beautiful so head on inside and let Kori give you the spill!

Juicy Read: 101:The Blueprint For a Swank Life

June 5, 2016 Kori London 0

How many of us have seen the “black girl with the blue hair”, and wondered how she lives the life she does? Well look no further, because if you didn’t know THE Olori Swank released a blueprint that sure to spill all her secrets, Head on inside and let Kori break down why you just might need to add this to your summer reading list.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Review

May 17, 2016 Kori London 0

Warmer weather calls for more conscious foundation. Are you in need of something light weight that gives off a smooth skin feel and dewy finish? Well look no further, head on inside and let Kori give you the spill on this dynamic foundation that is now accessible to a broad spectrum of individuals.

Spring Gems

May 14, 2016 Shalonda 0

Shalonda is back with some new gems! The ultimate product junkie who just can’t get enough. If you enjoyed her past monthly gems click here and check out her Spring time picks!

Stalking & Snapchat

May 3, 2016 Kori London 0

Spring is here, which means Summer flings will soon follow suit and Kori is giving a #lovelondon talk on the thirst in watching too many of his snapchat stories.Disagree well head on inside and drop your opinion.

All Summer 16

April 24, 2016 Shalonda 0

Need some ideas of things to get into this Spring Summer? Well Shalonda has some brainstorming tips for you! Enjoy the Spring and Summer seasons with endless activities that will keep you entertained ALL SUMMER 16!

Juicy Reads: The Women Of Brewster Place

April 13, 2016 Kori London 0

For thid week’s Juicy Read, Kori is taking you back to a classic American novel that is a MUST read for any fan of Love & Hip Hop. Confused? or don’t get the parallel? Well head inside and get the spill!

Spring Hair Inspo-Bantu Knots

April 12, 2016 Kori London 0

It’s time for some major hair inspo on the trend that never leaves but they swear it’s back in style! Kori’s talking Bantu Knots ,and I bet you’ll be surprised whose wearing them. Head on in and get the spill…

Juicy Style Trend Alert: Tounaj

April 8, 2016 Kori London 0

What better way to talk the return of the fit&flare pant then by drawing on some major inspo from the woman Kori dub’s the fit& flare queen. Head on in and get all the details.

Rehab: Social Media Connection

April 3, 2016 Shalonda 0

Relationships whether friendships or sexual it’s important to keep your private moments to yourself and not let the world see your troubles. Social media is a mask that portrays positivity and hungry but prays on the weak and impressionable. Come chat with Shalonda and see what she has to say about social media rehab!

The Spill: K Michelle- More Issues than Vogue

April 1, 2016 Shalonda 0

K. Michelle is back with some heat, more broken hearts but healed souls. Going through emotional situations where the heart becomes wary it can be comforting when you can sing your sorrows out! Another quality body of work, check out Shalonda’s review!

The Spill: Lil Kim Season

March 29, 2016 Kori London 0

I had previously warned you guys that Lil Kim was up to something. I specifically said, it’s not like her to just start randomly dropping music, and low and behold, 2 weeks after that post went live, Lil Kim let the world know it was #Lilkimsseason. Below I give you a track by track break down of this 10-track mixtape that was released officially on 03/28/2016 .

Fall into Spring: Trend Alert! Bomber Jackets

March 29, 2016 Shalonda 0

Looking for a statement piece that will take your Spring wardrobe to the next level? Look no further, this trend has been around for seasons and is continuing to be a HOTT item! Check out Shalonda’s Trend Alert!

Episode 12: Juicy Respons-aLITas

March 25, 2016 Fridayjuice 0

When becoming an adult and thinking about all the new responsibilities you’re going to have it’s difficult to keep on track with what you want out of life. Tune in to hear what Shalonda and Kori have to say about their responsibilities and growth!

Juicy Reads: Year OF Yes

March 21, 2016 Kori London 0

Kori can’t stop raving about this week juicy read featuring the amazing Shonda Rhimes. Have you been wanting to pick up this book, but want a sneak peek to what it’s all about? Well head on inside and get the spill…

Body like SILK- Tree Hut Review

March 20, 2016 Shalonda 0

Winter is never nice to the skin, but this winter I have fallen in love with body scrubs and body butters. A real special love for Tree Hut’s shea sugar scrubs and body butter have your skin smelling and feeling YUMMY! Check out Shalonda’s Review!

Keeping it Off with Kataba Anderson

March 15, 2016 Fridayjuice 0

Is losing weight a fighting battling with you? Yo-yo dieting? Having trouble keeping the weight off? Well we got a chance to speak with Kataba a buding aspiring entrepenuar and mom. Check out the NEW Juice Chronicles interview!

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint Review

March 13, 2016 Kori London 0

Another week another new Matte Lipstick review but this week I can’t stop raving about Colored Raine. Not sure who they are or maybe you sitll on the fence? Well head on inside and let Kori give you the spill…

A B.I.G Gift From Queen Bee- #DidItForBrooklyn

March 9, 2016 Kori London 0

If you know Kori then you know about her love for Lil Kim, and on the 19th anniversary of one of music’s greatest geniuses, The Notorious B.I.G, Kim is here to let you all know she’s ready for another reign in the name of Brooklyn!

The Spill- Sy Ari Da Kid

March 7, 2016 Shalonda 0

You know we are all about finding up and coming artists here at Friday Juice and boy does Shalonda have a treat in store for you! Read more about the artist she found while randomly seeping through YouTube!

Respect the Curve

March 6, 2016 Shalonda 0

Oh you’re going to respect this curve and every other curve on my body! Yes this Ebony Issue featuring some true boss chicks GabiFresh, Danielle Brooks, Jazmine Sullivan and Chrisette Michele has everyone stopping in their tracks to admire all that body and confidence. Get in Formation with Shalonda as she expresses her gratitude for this cover!

February Gems

March 1, 2016 Shalonda 0

It’s March already and it’s time for Shalonda to give you her latest gems for the month. It’s hard to pick just a few when you try new things all the time but new is FUN! So join in and find something new and exciting to try!


February 26, 2016 Kori London 0

Haven’t been on twitter but you keep seeing these #trapcovers everywehere? Well head on in and let Kori give you the spill!

Cornrows been #trending

February 24, 2016 Shalonda 0

Apparently cornrows…oh excuse me boxer braids… wait yeah I was right CORNROWS are a trending hairstyle? Well I’m here to let you know #cornrowsbeentrending! Cornrows […]

Juicy Finds: Let’s talk Carols Daughter

February 21, 2016 Kori London 0

When you find great hair products that do EXACTLY what they purport to do then SHARE SHARE SHARE is our motto here at Friday Juice. So head on in and let Kori give you the spill on why she can’t stop raving about Carol’s Daughter!

Juicy Trend Watch: Cold Shoulders

February 20, 2016 Kori London 0

Just getting used to winter? Not ready for spring? Well, toooo bad because the sun showers and may flowers will be upon us soon. So just go with the flow and let kori break down the spring trend that has everyone giving a cold shoulder!

Juicy Reads: The Autobiography of Malcolm X

February 18, 2016 Kori London 0

In light of some of the most recent trending topics such as #oscarsowhite, Beyonce Superbowl performance, and Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy performance. Kori does this weeks Juicy Read on The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and connects the recent pro-black movement to the messages Malcolm X not only lived but died by!

Juicy Trend Watch: One Piece Swimsuits

February 17, 2016 Shalonda 0

Everyone deserves to feel sexy… Spring Break and sandy beaches are on their way. Need a boost of confidence while you search for a swimsuit? Read more on trending styles for Spring Break! Pack your sexy for some fun in the sun!

January Gems

January 30, 2016 Shalonda 0

If you are a product junkie like Shalonda then you are always trying new products. Check out Shalonda’s January gems, that have given her life…for the month that is. Get into these current faves.

Hair Inspo- Box Braid Bob

January 24, 2016 Kori London 0

Counting down the days before it’s time to take out that sew in? Or maybe you’re looking for a new look? Well look no further because the BRAIDED BOB IS BACK!

Body Goals: Social Media Influence

January 19, 2016 Shalonda 0

It’s that time of year again, beginning of the new year and everyone starts to focus on their health and fitness. Well we here at Friday Juice are doing the same. Check out some of the people we look to as BODY GOALS.

Juicy Reads: Be You & Live Civil

January 15, 2016 Kori London 0

Everybody’s a book worm these day eh? Well starting off our “Juicy Reads” is none other than Kori London who give us all the details on Karen Civil’s new book entitled Being You & Living Civil.

Shine on: Season Trend Alert

January 7, 2016 Shalonda 0

Glitter, glitz and glam are my 3 favorite G words and this trend does just that for me! Who doesn’t love alil sparkle and shine?! Check in on this sequin and glitter trend with Shalonda

Cuffing Season vs. Netflix & Chill

January 6, 2016 Shalonda 0

It’s that time of year again, CUFFING SEASON! Everyone is either cuffing this year or pulling an occasional “Netflix and Chill” moment with someone they are into. Here is a break down of the differences and what to expect. BE SAFE and enjoy.

F*ck Boy Series Part 1: The Total Package

January 3, 2016 Shalonda 0

Shalonda gives us the spill on the ingredients that make up a real life f*ck boy. It’s a new year, let’s try to stay away from the one’s that mean us no good. PART 1 of the F*CK BOY series

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipstick Review

December 27, 2015 Kori London 0

You must of been out of the beauty loop if you haven’t heard about Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipsticks! Have no fear, because Kori is here to give you the scoop on these lippies. Oh, and did I mention they’re only $6?