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Episode 16:A Weary Welcome Back

Kanye we feel you. Greatness requires communication, and when it appears nobody listening or grasping what you’re trying to throwing down…Sometimes it best to sit it out and figure out how it all just go so bad. A sentiment we over here at Friday Juice been dealing with between the scary orange president-elect, lost friendships, Read More …

Conversations with a Show

If you ever felt like you were struggling to get to where you wanted to be in life, #gottakeeppushing. At least that’s the juice we got while interviewing Hot 99.1’s very own DJ Show. This guy if anything is highly motivated and driven to not only make a living but also actively making his dreams Read More …

Episode 14: Plastics vs. Basics

In a world where loyalty and friendship are just as interchangeable as underwear, and men suggest that a 10 second video on Snapchat suffices for communication in a relationship. Plastics vs. Basics is a debate that has been brewing for a while between the ladies of Friday Juice!