Author: Kori London

Cash me outside…in CHAMPION

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Champion may have gotten some new marketing dollars. After sending a very prompt cease & desist to the internet sensation herself…Danielle Bregoli Since then Champion has been seen on just about every celebrity in every sector of the entertainment industry from The  Kardashian/Jenner clan Chance The Rapper Lira Read More …

The Spill: A Boogie

We are well over due for a new music artist to rave about. Although, this week Kori is sure not to disappoint as she highlight what could be New York Rap’s musical savoir. So head on inside and let Kori give you the spill on A Boogie.

Juicy Reads: 32 Candles

When it doubt, pick up a book that can redefine the girl meets boy saga! That’s why this week’s juicy read is a look at Ernessa T.Carter’s, 32 candels which is sure to make you laugh, cry, and remember that everything is love and war when it comes to getting the boy of your dreams!

Juicy Read: 101:The Blueprint For a Swank Life

How many of us have seen the “black girl with the blue hair”, and wondered how she lives the life she does? Well look no further, because if you didn’t know THE Olori Swank released a blueprint that sure to spill all her secrets, Head on inside and let Kori break down why you just might need to add this to your summer reading list.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Review

Warmer weather calls for more conscious foundation. Are you in need of something light weight that gives off a smooth skin feel and dewy finish? Well look no further, head on inside and let Kori give you the spill on this dynamic foundation that is now accessible to a broad spectrum of individuals.

Stalking & Snapchat

Spring is here, which means Summer flings will soon follow suit and Kori is giving a #lovelondon talk on the thirst in watching too many of his snapchat stories.Disagree well head on inside and drop your opinion.

The Spill: Lil Kim Season

I had previously warned you guys that Lil Kim was up to something. I specifically said, it’s not like her to just start randomly dropping music, and low and behold, 2 weeks after that post went live, Lil Kim let the world know it was #Lilkimsseason. Below I give you a track by track break down of this 10-track mixtape that was released officially on 03/28/2016 .


We ALL have them! Even if you want to try and deny it! Don’t be ashamed tho because @blackheaux on twitter has everyone breaking their silence and tweeting their favorites, so join in as we give you ours!